More photos from PBF 2017

Another excellent selection of photos giving a flavour of the weekend, this time from one of our organising team, Christine Hoy.



Saturday photos

Just a few photos from some of today’s events at the library. More will follow. Thank you so much to all our contributors and chairs for helping make it such a fantastic day. Still some tickets available for events tomorrow. Best to come along to the library just before an event to see if you can get a ticket. Remember the library is only open for book festival events tomorrow so doors open just before each one. 

Scottish Women’s Institute event update

Saturday 7th October, 5-6pm, Library Upstairs

There has been a change to the speakers at this event. We will now be joined by Anne Kerr,  who is a member in Ayrshire and is currently Senior Vice Chairman and Convenor of the Communications Committee,  Heather McDougall,  Secretary of Perth and Kinross Federation and a member of Cleish Institute in Perthshire, and Jay Hutchison, also a Perthshire member. 

Anne will talk about the organisation, its history and its vision for the future and the other two will chat about their roles.  They will all speak about the Centenary Cook Book, published to celebrate this significant anniversary.

There are still free tickets available at the library for this event. As there has been discussion recently on our local Facebook page about possibly starting up a Portobello branch of the SWI, this is an ideal opportunity to find out more about the organisation’s history and future.

Programme details

One hundred years after its inception at Longniddry, the SWI is still dedicated to friendship, learning and skill sharing. At this session the challenges and opportunities facing the organisation as it stands today will be discussed and we will take a glimpse inside the SWI’s celebratory Centenary Cook Book.

Chair: Linda Bradley      

Tickets for all Portobello Book Festival events are free and can be picked up from Portobello Library in Rosefield Avenue.

Four days to go….

Only four days until the 2017 Portobello Book Festival begins. Some events are already fully booked but there are still tickets left for many of them. And there will be a very limited amount for each event available immediately beforehand. To make sure of your place though, head to Portobello library this week to pick up your FREE tickets.

Fake News: What’s New?

Sunday 8th October, 4.15-5.45pm, Library

Lately much has been made of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’. But what are we dealing with here: something new or just a new way of talking about something that is not new at all?  What is the role of social media in all this?  A distinguished panel discuss these questions: academic and researcher, Rita Marcella of Robert Gordon’s University; freelance journalist and writer, Marcello Mega; Director of Common Weal and campaigner, Robin McAlpine.

Chair: Alastair Cameron

Tickets for all Portobello Book Festival events are free and can be picked up from Portobello Library in Rosefield Avenue.

Frae Bairns tae Baddies

Sunday 8th October, 3-4.15pm, Library Upstairs

                         Helen MacKinven   Ross Sayers

Helen MacKinven is the author of Talk of the Toun and Buy Buy Baby. Both novels explore themes such as social class and identity, using black comedy and featuring Scots dialect. Ross Sayers’ debut, Mary’s the Name, introduces the unforgettable character of 8-year-old Mary, on the run with her Granpa following a robbery at his work. Join these authors as they discuss using dialect in their work and the delights and difficulties of having a young narrator.

Chair: James Spence

Tickets for all Portobello Book Festival events are free and can be picked up from Portobello Library in Rosefield Avenue.